Time for a little blog and some images from my last shoot of 2018 :)

I wasn’t expecting to be shooting over the Xmas break but this shoot just sort of happened. For ages I have wanted to shoot with more black models, but there don’t seem to be many around which I think is a real shame. Luckily I got talking with Ester who wasn’t that far from me and we decided to do a bit of shooting together, and these are some of the results.

It was a fairly short shoot by my usual standards, but fun all the same, and I think we got some really cool images!

My editing seems to be getting darker and darker lately, maybe its winter and because the days of the amazing sunsets that filled my place with light are gone for a while, but they will be back a bit later on in the year. However I am determined to get out and do some shooting outside again very soon!

Anyway, I hope you like our efforts!

Have a happy and peaceful new year!



Just a little blog about a recent shoot with Stephanie. I hadn’t seen her in quite a while but we have known each other for years, so it was really lovely to catch up with her at her new home which it turns out isn’t a huge distance from me.

We drank tea, I met Bob the cat and then we took some really cool nudes. Afterwards we went to the pub for the afternoon! Perfect eh?

Stephanie is an amazing model, and has the most incredible portfolio of work You really should take a look at and see for yourself!

Hope you like the images we created! A few of them are below!



Just a single image blog today, looking back over my years of shooting, thinking of the amazing creative people I have met along the way and thinking how lucky I have been to have had a little part in making some cool images.

This is from 2015, with Faith, who is now away living in Paris I believe, and modelling all over Europe. Photographed in Carr House, Kirklees Hall, a beautiful Grade 1 listed building in Yorkshire.

Looking at it now I wish I had moved back slightly to get the whole of the chandelier in, but it’s a minor bugbear really. I just love the expression on Faith’s face, and the beautiful dress she is wearing. One of my favourite images from around this time of my shooting I think!

One day I would love to work with her again, perhaps a trip to Paris next year!

View from a bridge..

A few weeks back I went into the great outdoors to somewhere in Warwickshire to take some photos with TigerLilly in her back garden.

She had a fabulous bridge that I wanted to photograph, and because she talks a lot I thought if I stayed about half a mile away and sent her to the bridge my ears would get a rest for 5 minutes. However she insisted on phoning me up from the bridge so she could keep talking at me. Shes waving at me here to make sure I am paying attention!

View from a bridge..

She also has a fabulous tree with a big hole in it, I didn’t even have to ask her to get in, all of a sudden she was just in there…

I also took a couple of quite stark mono portraits while we were wandering about, which I really like too! Check out her house!!

Hope you like the pictures, and too the two old ladies walking their dogs who decided to stop pretty much on the side of the bridge we were shooting on for a chinwag, we tried to wait until you had finished but we were in danger of becoming very old ourselves while we waited so we just got on with it. # sorrynotsorry! :)


A little shoot at the weekend with Nadia, who had seen an image of a nude with oil, water & chains online and asked if we could have a try out at shooting something similar. We came a bit unstuck in that we couldn’t locate any chain in time but I did have some thick blue rope, so we thought we would go with it and see how it worked out.

I think this is a step away from my normal editing style, as they are quite harsh, but I really like the way they have turned out. I hope you like them! All shots are lit by window light and with a bit of light reflected back in by way of my big mirror.

Thanks for looking, and as ever, if you want to get in touch I would love to hear from you. :)

Laser Lights..

I shot these ages ago, and at the time thought I hadn’t done a very good job with them so they sat on my hard drive, presumably never to be edited.

Recently I had been thinking I would like to try shooting some projection stuff and then remembered I had these, so dug them out again and decided to try editing a couple. Weirdly this time they seemed pretty cool and editing them was a breeze.

I have had this laser for years, since my mobile DJing days, its been sat in a box for years. These were shot around ISO 3200, on a Nikon D700 and a Sigma 24-70

The awesome model in these images is Aerlise, who was constantly waiting for the laser to drop on her head, as it was doing a bit of a wobbly balancing job directly above her for a while, it was a bit precarious to say the least.

I think I might like to practice a bit more at this sort of stuff, its a bit different to the style of shooting I usually do. These are not too bad for a first attempt I think!

Anyway, hope you like,

Peace and love,

Rob :)


Up to her neck..

Hello folks, I really should blog a bit more, I have been shooting quite a bit lately and have some cool images to share, so expect a few more blogs coming up soon!

Here are just a couple of images I really like from a hop over a spiky fence into a huge old abandoned mill near me with Newt (Trish) who had some some new lingerie and new neck and hand tattoo’s to show off.

Its fair to say it was an eventful shoot, later on after this shot was taken Newt sat in some stinging nettles outside and also managed to scrape her bum on some metal, and I stood on a plank of wood with a great big nail poking out of it which went through my boot and sunk about 1/2” into my foot, and meant I had to go get a Tetanus jab the next day and hobble about for a while afterwards with my foot swimming in blood. Lovely!

Anyway, I think it was worth it, for these couple of images alone, which I absolutely love!

I love her strong, confident pose in both shots, the stare, and the way the tattoo’s stand out in the incredible light that is available in this room.

I sometimes can’t get my head around photographers who want to shoot against white walls all the time, or not let the ambiance of an amazing place like this seep into their images and fill them with flash. I know its different strokes for different folks but yeh, this is what I like, a shoot that is like a mini adventure, with a fabulous background to place your model in.

Hope you like them as much as we do!


By the way, which one's Pink?

I realised I hadn’t updated or blogged for a little while, partly because I have had some computer problems that are now, (hopefully) solved, and partly because I am lazy! Bad Golding!

Anyway I shot with a new model on Wednesday, by the name of Lydia who is pretty local to me. It was a bit of an experiment for me as I have recently changed my camera and to be honest I was a little nervous as I have been using the same camera for nearly 10 years now and I had kind of got used to it. I wasn’t sure how I would do with the change.

Anyway, we shot lots of pretty lingerie type stuff, but I didn’t want it to look like typical glamour photography, nothing too brightly lit. Luckily Lydia wanted something along similar lines.

She brought this amazing Pink body by Pretty Little Thing which I thought was really gorgeous. We shot in my living room using my Chesterfield sofa, (strangely the Pink didn’t clash with the Red of the sofa too much) I used a big mirror to reflect some patterns from the window onto the back wall and dragged my coffee table and lantern into shot to give a lead in to the image.

I had set the colour control on the camera to ‘Vivid’ as I had never used it before and thought it might be fun to bump the colour a bit of the lingerie. The only other work in post was a bit of light pulled back on Lydia’s hair in Lightroom using the adjustment brush, and then into Photoshop and to clean some marks up on the wall and a little selective sharpening on the lamp and Lydia’s lingerie

No other lighting was used in this image. Its all ambient.

Settings, for those interested are as below

NIkon D750
Nikon 70-200 f2.8 at 75mm
ISO 400
1/400th sec @ f4

Title courtesy of Pink Floyd!

I hope you like, comments are welcome, and if you would like to work with me please do get in touch!