That's the colour of my room..

I edited this image last night, and as often happens a line from a song I am listening to resonates and identifies with the image in question. I don't know why it happens but it does, frequently. So on this occasions thanks to Mr David Bowie! 

I'm in love with the colour of this image. When I shoot I always think in mono, I have my camera back set to show the preview in mono because I can see how much detail there is showing in the blacks, I think it has helped me a lot in the way I have developed my photography. However when it comes to editing the image i'm drawn to some of the amazing colours that were there, colours that I had been ignoring while shooting. 

This image was taken with my friend Helen, otherwise known as 'Marmalade' who has made her name as one of the very best and knowledgeable urbex models out there. Please take a while to have a look at her website and take in her absolutely stunning work!