Fireplace ballet..

A while back, after shooting one model doing the splits and another doing a ‘crab’ on my mantelpiece I had some daft idea about trying to shoot a ballerina en pointe on it as well.

Aerlise used to do ballet and had pointe shoes so she got roped into trying my daft idea. However it actually turned out to be way too slippery and dangerous up there on tip toes, and seeing as I don’t like sending models home with to their loved ones with too many injuries I canned the idea and we thought we would shoot some nudes in front of the fire instead.

We kept with the pointe shoes though, and I think we made a couple of really cool images!

After these we shot some really nice pictures with my Chesterfield chair. Its known as the ‘naughty chair’ and was kindly named by my friend Stewart who had nothing better to do with his time that day.

I have a really big angle poise lamp on loan from my friend Bob with one of those old fashioned bulbs with the huge filaments in, and this throws a beautiful orange light which I have made use of a few times on shoots now, and I used it again with the chair images. I really love ambient lighting, candles, fairy lights, odd coloured bulbs etc, anything that looks interesting and sensual. I think it really helped with these images.

Anyway, photies below, I hope you like them. Enjoy! :)