When I went out with my friend Nadia a few weeks ago with an idea about shooting some nudes with some cool tree roots.

I had been told of a place in the woods near British Camp on the Malverns, but try as we might we didn’t manage to find them. However on our journey there we did spot an awesome set but they were right on the side of the main road, at a sharp corner which meant that a lot of traffic faced them head on as they slowed down for the corner.

We decided the opportunity to get a really cool shot or two was more important than worrying if a muggle saw a boob or two so we backtracked and found them again and tried out a few poses with Nads fully dressed until we thought we knew what we were doing, and then we just had a quick 5 minutes crazy shooting.

Cars slowed down, people went about their daily walks, and lots of people did that thing where they totally ignore the naked lady upside down in the tree roots right in front of them. It was all very ‘British stiff upper lip/we can’t see you’. Good sports the people of Malvern I have to say!

Anyway, nobody complained, we were in and out in a few minutes, Nads back bleeding from scraping around on the roots, but totally worth it we think!