The offering..

Imagine if you will, its only your third ever shoot, you are all very new to it. One shoot in a studio, another at home studio (mine) and then on the next shoot you have to climb through a hole in a fence, and then through another hole in the wall into a really disgusting, dark, cold, wet and smelly derelict old mill. and you may well be thinking (As Roxanne probably was), ‘wait a minute, modelling is supposed to be glamorous isn’t it’?

Then to make matters even worse said photographer (That’ll be me) points at a particularly disgusting bit and says, ‘I can see a stonking image if you don’t mind standing there on that metal ducting (which happens to be wet because the roof is mostly missing here) naked in a crucifixion pose’?

I’m sure most normal people would have run away long before this suggestion was mentioned, but to be fair to Roxanne she just said. ‘hold my warm fluffy dressing gown a minute’ and clambered over the crap and the pigeon poo, pulled the pose, one shot looking down and one shot looking up. Job done!

I love them, I think she does too because now she has gone out and bought all sorts of weird masks and is researching derelict places herself to go shoot in!

Expect more shenanigans shortly…