I have waited so long, when will you come?

I thought I would post a one image blog from a shoot yesterday (30/3/19)

I went out with my friend Nadia, who featured a few blog posts ago on the hood of a ‘67 Mustang, you can see it here if you want a peep https://www.robgolding.co.uk/robs-blog/2019/2/1/in-dust-we-trust

Anyway, as usual, there were no set idea’s, aside from wanting to shoot slightly arty nudes and maybe find some tree roots to shoot in. We succeeded with the tree roots but that is another story and I will post an image/blog from that soon.

As we drove along we both spotted something in a field through a hedge, so pulled up to investigate. What what I had originally thought (from a distance) were a load of piled up pallets turned out to be a load of old railway sleepers with rails still attached.

Then we realised there was more there than that, and as well as the rails piled up there was also part of a train track running through the field complete with an old goods wagon sat on the rails. How we noticed the piled up rails as we drove along and completely missed a full sized train carriage sat in the middle of the field is beyond me. I’m a Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy fan, so I am assuming someone had put an SEP field around it, which would explain things.

If you want to know what an SEP field is please see https://hitchhikers.fandom.com/wiki/Somebody_Else%27s_Problem_field

Anyway, back to our little story. We did a few shots on these piled up old sleepers/rails, they had become overgrown with old dried weeds and Nadia (I wish it had been my idea, but I can’t take credit for it) had the amazing idea of climbing in behind them, to create an image that was slighty more creepy than the standard art-nude I had been thinking of. I’m really glad her brain was working better than mine!

I’m so happy with the resulting image, its weirdly haunting and beautiful, I love the closed eyes, the framing of the weeds around her face and her hand resting on the sleeper, it made me think she had been there a long time, waiting for something, some sort of suspended animation, or like she was some sort of old sleeping statue. Originally I was going to edit this image as a mono, but I thought the colours worked really well so changed my mind.

So, hope you like, more images/blogs on the way soon!