In the morning...

Ahhh Leah, where do we start?

I have known Leah a LONG time. From the time I went on a little course at the now long gone ‘Blackthorn School of Photography’ when Si Young was teaching me what to do with my camera in around 2009 or so I guess. I met Leah through Simon and we have shot lots over the years, the last time being around two years ago just after she had her first little one. She’s added another little person to her collection now and has had a busy few years being mum and any form of modelling has taken a back seat.

Then last week Facebook showed us a memory of an image we had taken back in the day and I was over the moon to then get a little message asking if we could go out and take a few pretty portraits early in the morning sometime, and to have a catch up, and talk about life, the universe, and everything.

So this morning we had a wander across the field. We had been hoping for bright sunlight and mist but it wasn’t to be. So anyway I made her sit on a grubby damp tree root for a photie and then all of a sudden as if by magic the gods of pretty light blessed us for a few minutes.

If there were no more good shots form the set I wouldn’t even mind, because I love this one so much.

So lovely to catch up, and we won’t be leaving it two years until the next time!