Got a ticket for my destination..

A single image blog today, there are more for another time!

I have had this location in mind for ages, having first seen it on Google Earth around a year ago, and finally scouting it out it out properly about 3 months ago. Its on a piece of line that is only used on certain days of the year by steam trains, and comes to a complete stop about a hundred yards further on from where this image was taken, at the end of a short tunnel.

Usually there are two sets of goods wagons here, both using up the full length of the tunnel and hanging out for a good 80 meters or so, however on the day we actually turned up to shoot there the trains had been shunted out and further down the line leaving the tunnel empty.

At first I was a bit annoyed, I wanted to shoot on the wagons in the tunnel, using just the setting sun at the other end as illumination, and now this wasn’t possible (I thought, incorrectly) As it turned out there was one old bit of rolling stock at the far end of the tunnel and I managed to get a few fab images there too in the end (for another blog)

I had really wanted to shoot some art nude images here, because I hadn’t shot any for quite a while and its a genre of photography I love very much. I also missed shooting on location a lot, having spent quite a bit of time shooting at my home over the last few months.

This coincided with Lydia messaging me about shooting again (we have worked together twice before and had great fun and made some really nice images) She decided that she quite fancied the idea of trying her hand at an art nude shoot so off we went on Sunday afternoon, with the huge rain clouds very kindly agreeing to mooch off someplace else just before we got to the location.

Oddly, I was worried she would be cold, I mean its only February but it didn’t seem to phase her at all. We shot some really cool stuff inside the tunnel which I will share later but for the moment I wanted to show you this image where we used some of the train wagons just outside the tunnel. I think it looks pretty awesome!

We hope you like the image! And thanks to Lydia for a really productive shoot that has resulted in some really beautiful images!