In dust we trust...

Hi folks, I thought I would share another image from my impromptu shoot with a Nadia and a ‘67 Mustang last weekend.

I shot this from a balcony, wanting to use just the front end of the car in the image and capture the amazing straight lines of the bonnet (I guess I should call it a ‘hood’ considering its an American car really) against the delicate skin and curves of Nadia.

I didn’t want the typical ‘sexy girl posing with car’ shot that you see everywhere, but rather wanted to emphasize her delicate human curves against this huge lump of cold and dusty metal. With this in mind I asked Nadia to curl up in a fetal position. This position tends to be used quite a lot in nude photography, its very beautiful and peaceful. I was also keen to show off the dust all over the car, I think it adds a lot to the image. I did quite a bit of selective sharpening to the dust to make it stand out in the image.

It was super cold in the garage where we shot this, so we worked very quickly and then it was straight back in front of the space heater for Nadia where she cooked nicely at gas mark 5 to get her circulation going again!


I also thought you might like to see the before image too. As we were working in a garage naturally there was a lot of ‘stuff’ about, some of which we didn’t have time to move or just couldn’t move due to space constraints. So it had to be left in the shot and removed afterwards at the editing stage.


My thanks to Nadia for dragging me out on this little adventure, and for being crazy enough to be cold and naked just for the sake of making an image. Also my thanks to the lovely people who offered us the use of their place to the owner of the Mustang for letting us use his amazing car. It’s very much appreciated!