Hi folks,
Its been a busy weekend, with a nights DJing and no less than two shoots, the second of which was only arranged this morning, and completed this evening. I have one image I love so much I want to share it before I have edited any more from the set, but I am sure some of those will follow soon!

This was my third shoot with Laura, and I have to say her confidence has gone through the roof since she became a winner of the UK Calendar Girls at the end of last year, it really showed in her posing and her general happy demeanor. She’s fab!

We did some shooting out in a multi story carpark earlier on in the evening and then came back to shoot a little more at my place. This images was shot in my bedroom. I’m shooting into a mirror that I managed to break a few months ago rather than directly at Laura. Its always a bit weird shooting into mirrors although I do it quite a lot, everything is back to front when you are giving instructions to the model to make sure the pose looks good, it messes with your head a bit, and its also a case of finding a bit of the mirror with no crack in to use as your focus point and then recomposing the image so it works well.

The only editing this image has had is a tiny bit of the mirror frame removing from the bottom right corner. You may notice that the skirting around the bottom of the wall goes slightly out of shape but this is due to the bevel of the mirror and was not part of the frame that I edited out. I was going to alter it but I thought it actually looked better left as it was.

I love the bokeh the cracks in the mirror have created, and the general effect it has on the image, Laura’s pose is fantastic, I love the pink of her lingerie against the red of the wall, and I don’t think I could have framed it better if I had tried.

I’ve posted a phone pic of the mirror underneath the main image, just in case you wanted to see how it was shot.

Hope you like, am looking forward to editing more of this set!