Time for a little blog and some images from my last shoot of 2018 :)

I wasn’t expecting to be shooting over the Xmas break but this shoot just sort of happened. For ages I have wanted to shoot with more black models, but there don’t seem to be many around which I think is a real shame. Luckily I got talking with Ester who wasn’t that far from me and we decided to do a bit of shooting together, and these are some of the results.

It was a fairly short shoot by my usual standards, but fun all the same, and I think we got some really cool images!

My editing seems to be getting darker and darker lately, maybe its winter and because the days of the amazing sunsets that filled my place with light are gone for a while, but they will be back a bit later on in the year. However I am determined to get out and do some shooting outside again very soon!

Anyway, I hope you like our efforts!

Have a happy and peaceful new year!