A little blog, as its been a while yet again.

I had a few weeks of losing interest in shooting, this happens a lot with most photographers I know, you kind of lose your mojo for a bit. I mean its all been done before hasn’t it? and you wonder what you are achieving by shooting what usually amounts to similar images over and over again. Eat/Sleep/shoot/Repeat…

I realised it was shooting at home that was getting me down, I had fallen into the trap of having somewhere that was pretty cool to shoot from, so I wasn’t really getting out and about and finding different interesting places to use in my images. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the images I have shot at home, with all the amazing people who have given me their time in return for images, but I just couldn’t face any more of it, at least until the clocks change and the beautiful light at sunset comes back anyway.

Nadia had mentioned shooting again, and I had said ‘yes but as long as its not here’ and then one day she popped with a message and a photo of a really cool car that we had permission to shoot with. The car was being restored and would be ready in a few months but did I want to go and take a look at it in its current state?

Off we went, to a top secret location where a number of cars were being restored. I had taken my camera and as it happened we did a little impromptu shoot anyway. The car we were going to look at, a 66 Ford Galaxie was up on stands mid-restoration, looking amazing and we have a couple of shots with it, but also under a cover there was a black Mustang.

It was covered in dust, but looked amazing, and we were given permission to shoot on the bonnet. I didn’t want anything resembling the typical glamour girl & car photo, and had this weird idea for a crucifixion pose. I then flipped the image around and rather like the result.

I have another to edit from this set from a higher vantage point, but in the meantime I thought I would share this because I think its quite a cool image!

Hope you like!

Mojo seems to be back…for a while anyway!