Confidence issues, we all have them, young or old, If you haven't suffered from this already its fair to say you probably will at some point in your life (even though I hope you don't)

We worry about how we look all the time, especially in this time of social media, everywhere you look people seem to be having an amazing time, being beautiful, seemingly having a wonderful stress free life and doing amazing things. We have all been there, looking at everyone else and wondering where our amazing time is?

Nadia got in touch , I already knew her, but we hadn't seen each other for maybe 7 years. In the last few years she had a daughter, and life (as we know when we have kids) just goes haywire. Often there is no time but children time, its rare to get a bit of time to yourself and you begin to live for the kids, you forget about yourself, forget that you are a living breathing person with wants and desires and feelings, because you are a 24/7 mum (or dad even)

Sometimes you want to feel good, look beautiful, and to have something just for you. Make sense? This is what she wanted, a confidence boost, worried about how her figure had changed since giving birth and really wanting some beautiful images of her looking amazing, and to give her more confidence going forward.

We had a bit of a brief to work to, she wanted some images that were beautiful, a little bit of lingerie, some possibly nude, but not 'Glam'. This works for me because I don't consider myself a glamour photographer, I'm not into brightly lit glossy images, preferring to shoot ambient light and deliberately throwing some grain and shadow into my images.

Nadia was so happy with the resulting images, and once she had received just a few edits back it was clear her confidence had gone through the roof. She is planning on coming back to shoot again sometime in the near future.

She has given her permission for me to share some of the images we made on this blog, so I am grateful to her for that as I really think she looks fantastic!

I hope you like these, and if you think you would like to book a shoot with me please do get in touch!