Looking back through old images I am drawn to a few photographs I took a couple of years ago one afternoon with a local ballet tutor called Amy replied to me. I wanted to shoot something I hadn't done before and thought it would be a lot of fun to find someone who knew ballet who wouldn't mind me taking a few images.

I put a post up in a local Facebook group asking if anyone could lend me a ballet dancer for a few hours and Amy messaged me with an interest in helping me out, I had already thought about shooting at Pitville Park in Cheltenham, in front of the beautiful Pump Rooms and down by the lake so we arranged to meet there one afternoon.

Amy was wonderful, pulling beautiful poses and looked amazing. We got the usual funny looks from passers by but i'm totally used to that now. I remember a little girl looking and pointing at Amy and saying to her mum 'look mummy a real princess' and being super excited. I think the afternoon was worth it even for that alone!

I think the images speak for themselves, I really do hope to shoot something along these lines again at some point in the future.

Thank you to Amy at Amy Bastin Dance