All the little lights

Hi all, apologies for the radio silence, I finally have internet again and can get back to blogging an image every few days!

There is a saying that the best camera for you is the one you have with you, and lets face it, we all have one with us pretty much 24/7 these days in the form of our mobile (Cell) phones.

So, a little background to this image. It was taken on my Samsung S7, I was in Wales visiting Silk, we hadn't done any shooting but had been out for the day walking her fabulous little dog Piglet in the woods and location hunting for future shoots that we have planned. We had such a lovely day, the sun was shining, the pig was happy playing in the waterfalls, and I actually got some exercise for a change. In the evening we ended up drinking far too much Gin, playing YouTube DJ and generally putting the world to rights, fabulous!

I noticed this amazing glass ball she has which is filled with tiny lights. It had some white paint on the outside which was wearing off and it looked a bit like a beautiful moon. I asked if she would hold it close to her face and wrap her hand around it, and used my phone Cameras RAW shooting facility to take the following image.

This is my favourite image for ever, I love it, its so glowing and soft and peaceful. We all need some peace at times.

This image is for Tristan. Your star will always shine brightest. Sleep peacefully little fella.

Whole of the moon.jpg