Hanging around

I have been enjoying shooting in my new flat just recently, keen to explore the various angles available and get an idea of the sort of images I could create here.

I worked with Aerlise,  who told me she had taken a year and a half to build up the confidence to ask me to work with her (that's crazy right?) but I jumped at the chance to work together and we ended up shooting twice in a week, with more in the pipeline because she can do ballet, so expect pretty ballet shenanigans when the weather is warmer)

She is absolutely lovely though, really easy to work with and brought me sweeties that turned my tongue blue! (Literally!)

As ever with me, I tend to use a mixture of natural and available light, I really can't be doing with flash, I love the effect I get too much to change styles really. I hope you like the results.

If you are a photographer and would like to work with Aerlise you can find her portfolio here



If you are not a model, but would like the chance to shoot images like these, please use the 'Open Form' button on the Bookings tab to contact me. I'll get right back to you! :)

Thanks for looking! :)