Pack my bitch up...

Excuse the radio silence, I have been moving house over the last few days, from Malvern back to Tewkesbury. Its been a bit full on packing boxes, moving boxes, unpacking boxes, all that exciting stuff! Its fair to say I am a bit knackered, i'm getting old you know!  

Luckily I had fabulous people who came to give me a hand, my good friend Sideshow Bob who helped my hump boxes around and also bring the much needed van to cart it all about in, and my favourite Welsh person Silk who organised and helped me in all sorts of ways :) Thank you both so much!

Anyway, something that came out of the move was the image below. Driving along in the car and listening to The Prodigy's song 'Smack my bitch up' Silk said, 'we should take a photo when the house it empty of me in a box in the empty room and call it 'Pack my bitch up'. Much giggling ensued and a plot was hatched to shoot it on the day we went back to clean the place up after everything had been moved out.

I love the way it came out, I love all the lines, the staircase and the softness of Silk's back in the box, the quality of the light, and the general weirdness of it all.

Anyway, thanks for looking, if if you are crazy enough to want a print, drop me a line :)