A trip to Wales

I'm just back from a trip out to Ceredigion to work with one of my favourite people ever, the incredibly creative an slightly bonkers Silk. I'm starting to lose count of the number of shoots we have done now, but each one leaves us with the most wonderful images and fun memories. She is genuinely the most fun person to share time with creating images, her head constantly bouncing with ideas and suggestions.

This is my first edit from this shoot, and I thought it deserved a post of its own! We got up early and went to a place where they have been deforesting, it looks bleak and sad with all the trees cut down at the moment but soon they will replant so in a few years things will be looking good again for mother nature there.

As we walked along the path past all the log piles Silk spotted some beautiful lichen growing on a little bank and we thought we could use it to our advantage in a gorgeous portrait. What you can't see here is her squatting down in her wellies with her bum just out of a ditch full of water. Who told you modeling was glamorous eh?

Anyway, there will be some great images to come from this set, I just wanted to get my blog started with something rather beautiful!

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