View from a bridge..

A few weeks back I went into the great outdoors to somewhere in Warwickshire to take some photos with TigerLilly in her back garden.

She had a fabulous bridge that I wanted to photograph, and because she talks a lot I thought if I stayed about half a mile away and sent her to the bridge my ears would get a rest for 5 minutes. However she insisted on phoning me up from the bridge so she could keep talking at me. Shes waving at me here to make sure I am paying attention!

View from a bridge..

She also has a fabulous tree with a big hole in it, I didn’t even have to ask her to get in, all of a sudden she was just in there…

I also took a couple of quite stark mono portraits while we were wandering about, which I really like too! Check out her house!!

Hope you like the pictures, and too the two old ladies walking their dogs who decided to stop pretty much on the side of the bridge we were shooting on for a chinwag, we tried to wait until you had finished but we were in danger of becoming very old ourselves while we waited so we just got on with it. # sorrynotsorry! :)