Laser Lights..

I shot these ages ago, and at the time thought I hadn’t done a very good job with them so they sat on my hard drive, presumably never to be edited.

Recently I had been thinking I would like to try shooting some projection stuff and then remembered I had these, so dug them out again and decided to try editing a couple. Weirdly this time they seemed pretty cool and editing them was a breeze.

I have had this laser for years, since my mobile DJing days, its been sat in a box for years. These were shot around ISO 3200, on a Nikon D700 and a Sigma 24-70

The awesome model in these images is Aerlise, who was constantly waiting for the laser to drop on her head, as it was doing a bit of a wobbly balancing job directly above her for a while, it was a bit precarious to say the least.

I think I might like to practice a bit more at this sort of stuff, its a bit different to the style of shooting I usually do. These are not too bad for a first attempt I think!

Anyway, hope you like,

Peace and love,

Rob :)