Up to her neck..

Hello folks, I really should blog a bit more, I have been shooting quite a bit lately and have some cool images to share, so expect a few more blogs coming up soon!

Here are just a couple of images I really like from a hop over a spiky fence into a huge old abandoned mill near me with Newt (Trish) who had some some new lingerie and new neck and hand tattoo’s to show off.

Its fair to say it was an eventful shoot, later on after this shot was taken Newt sat in some stinging nettles outside and also managed to scrape her bum on some metal, and I stood on a plank of wood with a great big nail poking out of it which went through my boot and sunk about 1/2” into my foot, and meant I had to go get a Tetanus jab the next day and hobble about for a while afterwards with my foot swimming in blood. Lovely!

Anyway, I think it was worth it, for these couple of images alone, which I absolutely love!

I love her strong, confident pose in both shots, the stare, and the way the tattoo’s stand out in the incredible light that is available in this room.

I sometimes can’t get my head around photographers who want to shoot against white walls all the time, or not let the ambiance of an amazing place like this seep into their images and fill them with flash. I know its different strokes for different folks but yeh, this is what I like, a shoot that is like a mini adventure, with a fabulous background to place your model in.

Hope you like them as much as we do!