wHO AM i?

Based in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire. I’m a friendly, professional and easy going photographer with an eye for detail and a personality that puts people at ease in front of my camera. I create images that stir up thoughts and emotions.  




I photograph beautiful portraits, elegant and gritty nudes, smoldering boudoir and even dark erotica & fetish based themes. I frequently photograph people in natural environments, outside using the wonderful countryside we are blessed with, in old buildings that are falling apart, houses, churches, hotel rooms, stately homes, absolutely anywhere that will make an interesting or beautiful image. Ambient and natural light feature widely in my work.  

I am a competent wedding photographer, and while it is not my main area of shooting I do love to photograph these wonderful occasions too!

My photographic experience is wide, and I put my heart and soul into my work to bring you the most beautiful images I can. It is safe to say that you won’t find a more dedicated photographer, whatever your requirement or occasion.




I offer tailor made packages for individuals and groups based on your own requirements, so please take a moment to complete the form below to get in touch with any questions and I will endeavor to reply to you within 24 hours.                                        

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Are you interested in photography? Unsure where to start and need a helping hand? What camera do you need? What are apertures? Shutter speeds? Who needs those? What's all this ISO stuff about then? Full frame, Crop frame, Jpgs, Raw, Lightroom and Potatoshop...Help!

Don't worry, its all ridiculously simple, honestly if I can do it you definitely can! Sure you can be very technical about it if you want to, I prefer to be, shall we say, 'fluid' about it all. I love to keep things simple and easy. Learning is fun!

Let's remember that photography is an art form, and art is about expression, there are a thousand ways to do things, we just have to find the right way for you, and you're away!

And if you have an understanding of all that above, but would like to shoot in a more artistic style, then perhaps I can help you there too.

If you would like me to help you along your journey please contact me on the 'Book Me' page and bend my ear.



Occasionally I run model/photographer workshops. These usually comprise a location, a wonderful model and no more than 5 or 6 photographers. We learn about light and how to use it to our advantage in photography. You shoot singularly under guidance and assistance from myself (if required) on a rotation system with other attendees helping with reflectors etc, A big day with a small group, learning together.
If you would like to enquire about these events please contact me on the 'Say Hello' page, but I will also post up events on this page when they are open for booking.


Images can be quite a personal thing, indeed you might shudder at the thought of someone else being let loose on your beautiful photographs. However sometimes people don't have the time, or the knowledge in how to bring out the best in their images but they would still like to hang them on the wall and maybe feel they could benefit from a little 'bump' before doing that.

If you find you like the way I edit my images, I would be happy to work on yours also. Just drop me a line on the 'bookings' page with your requirements and I will be happy to help.